Eggs are part of every cuisine across the world. But, there is little, a chef can do with eggs beyond the breakfast table.
Boiled. Scrambled. Omlette
This has been the culinary story of eggs so far. That's where the twist comes in the story of eggs.
Now you can serve an Egg Tikka or Egg Sandwich or Egg Pizza or Nuggets. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Introducing for the first time!


eggpaneer Eggpaneer combines the nutritional goodness of eggs in a cheese / paneer like taste and aroma.
The new avatar of egg gives you the freedom to innovate and add new dishes, so far not possible.
Add dishes to your menu across various cuisines be it Indian, Mughlai, Italian, Oriental, Chinese or Fast food.
Endless possibilities await you.
EggPaneer Plain
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Eggpaneer Tikka
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Egg Cheese Cheddar
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Egg Cheese Mozzarella